You ever look at a picture of Josh and you are just like “how dare you.”

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Josh Hutcherson, SNL Photoshoot

Sometimes I take a lot of pictures of myself cuz I wish I was a model or something

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Hi. It’s cold and my forehead looks huge.

You are sexyyy

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ALSO I forgot to add this, but I literally cheered when I found out that you met Josh! I was hoping you would! And I'm glad you got a picture with him where he was actually smiling!

That is so nice of you to say!! :’) I was glad he smiled too hahah

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I literally have my dance planned out


When I saw you reblogged that thing and it was like a question you wanna ask i’m like dude i got this.

What move would you focus on?

Well I would moonwalk my ass out there first. The running man is always a personal favorite.

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Anonymous said:
You're sexy and you know it! 😉

This is true ;)

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:) "She's beautiful," Josh whispers to me. "Thank you for making me a daddy, Kelly." I stare down at the bundle in my arms and smile at my daughter. "You're welcome, Josh." I lean up and kiss him. "I love you, Kelly." "I love you, too."

And my ovaries have exploded

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