We will make it through this day


"We’ll get through this"

Let’s just keep sending each other Josh spam. It always helps!!

Yes blessss

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Boo who?!

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Joke tiiime! What happened to the scottish guy, when he tried to blow up the car??


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I'll remind you the day Josh hit you in the face with a basketball, I think you will cheer up quickly :)

That always helps haha

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Knock knock

Who’s there??

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I need to be cheered up. Send me Drabbles, jokes, cute stories. I don’t even care

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Animals (drabble for Stacie)


Darkness fills the air within seconds upon her arrival. He can feel her presence although he hasn’t laid eyes on her yet. A cheshire cat-like smile spreads across his lips when she comes into his view and stirs up memories from the past. It’s been months since their last encounter that ended in a screaming match where some of his favorite picture frames were thrown and shattered at his feet.

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It’s so early and I’m on my way to work

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What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?

We’re still in the game.